Saturday, July 17, 2010

The romance of sailing......

I purchased Sarah's sailboat last month and finally got the water pumped out of it. The bilge pump worked well except for one tiny detail. Each pump = 1 quart of liquid; therefore 4 pumps = 1 gallon. Multiply this by 6,000 gallons of rainwater in the boat = 24,000 pumps "by hand" to empty it. Thank goodness for electric sump pumps.

Saturday, July 17, 2010........

Just another stab at posting.

Maryann and I went to Deptford Mall today for me to go to Lenscrafters for a pair of sunglasses, and Maryann to go to Bath and Body Works.

Another "hot" day today, with temperatures about 94'. Today is the 11th straight day of 90'+ temps, and the 28th day of 90'+ temps for the year.

Going to play around with posting pictures to this blog.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sarah and her 1947 Cessna 120 Tail-Dragger.

After a lot of looking, e-mailing, traveling; she found her plane.

Maryann and Sarah at Bull Run.

Zach and Birdsall the Cat.

Just wanted to do a little testing at placing pictures on my Blog.

A Step Back in Time......

Welcome to my Blog........

As an introduction my name is John W. Patten and I live in a small town in Gloucester County, New Jersey called Clayton. I am married to my wife Maryann for going on 32 years, and have two children. My daughter Sarah lives in Northern Virginia, is a pilot, and works for the FAA. My son Zach is presently working for a bank, and explores his hobbies of writing and baking bread, as he waits for the employment picture to improve.

I have always worked in the Agricultural Field, and the Turf & Ornamental Specialty Industry. My hobbies include shooting, landscape design, gardening and reading. My political leaning are definitely conservative, and my religious beliefs are quite varied.

I will share more of my beliefs as I get into my Blog, but that's a start.

My reasoning for starting this Blog are many. For now I'll just say that this Country has moved in a number of directions that go against what I consider "common sense". I believe we need to "take a step back", be better informed and educated, and not just be blind sheep, following the mass crowds.

This Country is an amazing place with amazing people. I hope to be able to introduce you through my Blog, to some of these places and people.

Please bear with me as I attempt to create this little place of mine.

Stay tuned.........